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Philanthropy and Fund Donation Opportunities

With more than 3,000 board-certified and board-eligible physicians, The Spine Intervention Society is committed to the development, evaluation, validation, education and advocacy of percutaneous techniques used in the diagnosis and treatment of spine disorders.

The Spine Intervention Society through its years of demonstrating an efficacy based model for interventional spine care has garnered tremendous respect. Strong clinical outcomes, research and advocacy is the keystone to protecting beneficial procedures and patient access from detrimental policy decisions. With rising costs, reimbursement and access cut backs, it is now even more imperative to donate to the Spine Intervention Society to support our continued fight in Advocacy, Education, and Research!


Did you know for years the Spine Intervention Society has been demonstrating the highest of scientific, educational, and research standards and due to this has earned a reputation of credibility and trustworthiness from many of the local, national, private, government payers and agencies that influence and determine medical policy? The society is incredibly active in areas that directly impact interventional spine practice by effectively fighting for proper coverage policies as well as appropriate coding and reimbursement through vigorous involvement in panels that develop (CPT) codes and their values (RUC).As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization the Spine Intervention Society does not have a Political Action Committee (PAC), a mechanism to fund political campaigns, and yet we continue to be involved in multi-specialty coalitions, outcome registries and advocate for proper scope of practice standards.

Fellow and Resident Education

The Spine Intervention Society believes in the advanced education of our future spine interventionalists. Support means the development of new programs, original research grants and travel to the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).


The Spine Intervention Society leads the way with 20 years of commitment to research in spine intervention. Still scientific gaps and discrepancies remain that open the door of vulnerability to those policy makers inclined to apply, occasionally erroneously, the standards of "Evidence Based Medicine” when formulating decisions. Compounding this threat is the increasing need to prove the value of what we do. Oftentimes there is a need to support what evidence we have with the use of expert opinion, consensus and other advocacy measures. When you support SIS research you will be funding those clinical research studies that have the potential to positively impact the science, clinical direction, and policy of spine care.

The Spine Intervention Society recognizes all donors through acknowledgement in the Spine Intervention Society e-News and website. Donors who meet designated levels of support will be acknowledged at the Annual Scientific Meeting as well.

The Spine Intervention Society greatly appreciates your generous donation in building a better future for our patients by supporting interventional spine care.

The Spine Intervention Society is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent of federal & state laws.

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