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URGENT: Product Advisory Notice Becton Dickinson Medical 7mL Epilor™ Luer-Lok™ LOR Syringe

Thursday, October 24, 2013  
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ISSUE: Becton Dickinson (BD) has received several reports indicating that the plunger of some BD 7 mL Epilor™ plastic Luer-Lok™ LOR Syringes may stall or stick when traveling within the barrel of the syringe. This may prevent the user from detecting a loss of resistance upon entering the epidural space. If this occurs, the user may continue to advance the syringe and needs through the epidural space and the dura into the spinal canal/intrathecal space, potentially resulting in spinal anesthesia instead of an epidural anesthesia. According to BD Medical’s Advisory Notice, there have been no reports of harm to patients.

The product advisory notice is limited to syringes with Luer-Lok™ design that have been distributed within the last five years. This syringe is sold as Single Sterile Unit or as a component in Anesthesia Trays. The affected catalogs are: 405198, 405291, 405807, 405823, 406078, 406084, 406119, 406121, and 406156.

RECOMMENDATION: Any customer who uses an affected LOR Syringe should follow the standard routine procedure to ensure that there is no resistance in the syringe prior to use. Any syringe that shows sticking or stalling should be discarded. The procedure can be continued by using another LOR syringe. BD is undertaking corrective actions to limit the potential recurrence of this issue.

You can contact BD Customer Service at 1-888-237-2762.

Source: Becton Dickinson Product Advisory Notice (8/23/2013); shared with ISIS via Kimberly-Clark Product Advisory Notice (10/22/2013)

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