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The International Spine Intervention Society is committed to funding research that will address important questions about the effectiveness of interventional spine procedures. The ISIS Research Committee is working to identify important gaps to be addressed in the interventional spine evidence base and encourage research in these areas. To this end, the committee has been working on developing study protocol outlines in areas where more research is likely to be meaningful to our field.

The first four priority areas where the International Spine Intervention Society would like to see well-designed and executed research studies conducted are addressed in the following research protocol outlines:

Investigators interested in carrying out these studies and seeking grant funding should follow the the International Spine Intervention Society procedures for submitting grant proposals, outlined below. Proposals are carefully vetted by the Research Committee, and funding of research proposals is approved at the semi-annual International Spine Intervention Society Board of Directors meetings. Deadlines for submission are May 1st and November 1st.



The International Spine Intervention Society is dedicated to the advancement of the science of interventional spine care through its support of researchefforts.Thank you for donating your time towards helping us reach this goal, we look forward to receiving your Research Grant Application!

General Information:

·International Spine Intervention Society membership is a requirement for a research grant

·Multiple grants may be awarded per year

·Research proposal must be original research that is to be performed, not work that is already completed

·Institutional Review Board approval is mandatory when the study involves human or animal subjects

The Research Grant Application should consist of a proposal with the following elements:

  • Summary of the project
  • Significance of this research in the advancement to understanding in the field
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Background information and research proposal justification
  • Research design and methods
  • Facilities available to make this study possible
  • Budget: total and per year
  • Signed Institution Release of Overhead and Indirect Costs
  • See Research Grant Application document

The Research Grant Application should also include:

  • Curriculum Vitae for each investigator
  • Investigational Review Board materials
  • Consent form
  • Outcome tools


Funding of research proposals is approved at the semi-annual ISIS Board of Directors meetings and must be submitted for consideration by May 1st or November 1st.

Institutional Overhead:

The International Spine Intervention Society does not pay institutional overhead or indirect costs associated with its grants. Applications are to be reviewed and approved by the applicant’s institution prior to submission.

Selection Process:

Research grant applications will be reviewed by the International Spine Intervention Society Research Committee using a 100-point scoring system. Proposals are evaluated on scientific merit (10 points), significance (15 points), originality (10 points), methodology (40 points),abstract and background information (10 points), personal and institutionaltrack record (5 points), and feasibility (10 points). Overall evaluation of the application from the perspectives of its level of evidence, relevance to the membership and our patients, potential impact on the related science, clinical decision making and health care policy, and value in terms of impact to budget ratio, will also be considered.

If a research grant application is submitted by an International Spine Intervention Society Research Committee member then he/she is excluded from its review process.


Once the study is completed and the final results are analyzed, it must be presented at the next International Spine Intervention Society Annual Scientific Meeting. It is also expected that the results be published in a peer-reviewed journal.


The International Spine Intervention Society must be cited as the source of funding in all publications and presentations from the project or its results. A copy of all publications and presentations must be sent to the ISIS office.

Research Reports:

Investigators are required to submit semi-annual research update forms and final research findings to the Research Committee Chair and Director of Research and Quality Improvement. If an investigator fails to do so, they will be denied any future funding and requested to return all funds distributed to them.


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